Restore Your Headlights to Brand New

Here’s a quick video I created where I used headlight polishing kit to remove the haze from my car’s headlights. I was super impressed from the results. This was the second use of this kit after my wife’s car. There is probably enough product to do another set of headlights.

3d printing

3D printing

I am not an early adopter of technology. When 3d printing came out-I thought cool, but the quality of these things kinda sucked. Little did I know that most of these printers were set for speed and not quality. Still, when I saw reviews of the Original Prusa Mark II, Read more…


My morning oatmeal

I am cheap. Well, more of a frugalist. While I am not a complete disciple of Mr. Money Mustache, one interesting tid bit in his Spartan living is how he controls cost with food. He simply eats super cost effective products. While I still indulge my family with expensive high Read more…


In the news

While I wanted to blog about this “in real time”, the fact of the matter is that I am a slacker. . .Here is an article that was published this summer and featured in the Baltimore Sun. My neighbor ratted me out to my local newspaper. Nice write up. Yeah!Check Read more…


Who Should Buy This?

When I show people the mower-I either get an quizzical look as if I am crazy, or a dumbstruck “of course that makes sense” look. The funny observation is that my biking friends think its a great idea and their wives all want to actually buy one and mow the Read more…


The First Mow

Did it work? Check out the video . . . Human powered designs from Jason M on Vimeo. Suffice to say, I am very pleased with the results. Is this faster than push mowing the lawn? I have to get more accurate measurements to quantify this but here are a Read more…