Restore Your Headlights to Brand New

Here’s a quick video I created where I used headlight polishing kit to remove the haze from my car’s headlights. I was super impressed from the results. This was the second use of this kit after my wife’s car. There is probably enough product to do another set of headlights.


The Art of Writing-Assignment #3

For our third writing assignment, Jason picks the topic “Drive”. In only our 3rd writing session, the kids are really enjoying getting together to write and share stories. This is turning into a great family gather activity. .Rules of the game are posted here. For this assignment the topic is: Drive Read more…


New Gelatin recipe

My last recipe of gelatin failed. I suspect there wasn’t enough gelatin in the mixture to keep the medium solid at 95 degrees Fahrenheit. I am going to try a new recipe by increasing the gelatin ratio to water. I still suspect that this might not be enough as the high Read more…