Pumpkin harvest

He wants a pumpkin!

For our third writing assignment, Jason picks the topic “Drive”. In only our 3rd writing session, the kids are really enjoying getting together to write and share stories. This is turning into a great family gather activity.

.Rules of the game are posted here.

For this assignment the topic is: Drive


What makes you motivate, willing to do something. For most people they do something if there is a reward or prize if you do the task. In other words that is called dopamine. Dopamine is a sudden rush or urge to do a job, task, or chore for a reward. Some parents give their children money to do chores, an allowance. Most kids think “ Ohh hey all I have to do is empty the dishes and fold laundry and then i get $2.00.When most kids are given a reward to do something a sudden rush of dopamine passes and they think hey money I can get the hover board I always wanted.


Pebbles fall down the mountain side. Look closer and you’ll see him. Hanging on. Not falling not climbing. It’s been 5 days since he got stuck, I remember, the ropes fraying in my hands. Dead as I am now spectating forever. How long can he hold on? And why? Soon he will fall, like me. And yet.. There he was hanging there. Oh Geez. He might have been able to continue on if I had let go earlier, then the rope wouldn’t have broken. Blaming myself wouldn’t help him. And watching was to horrible. I turn away. But wait, there it is again, is that him? I look and, yes. He is speaking slowly but surely my name, No our daughter’s name, named after me. Like a mantra, over and over, he repeats. His muscles trembling. Then I realize why he persists because death does not impact you, it impacts the people we touch. So I see now, even if the inevitable is still there he lives, for our daughter.


The crash slowed her down quite a bit. There was the obvious physical drain every time you injured yourself and that is never any good. But there was also the safety check you had to run though to make sure you don’t kill yourself next time.

Next time. If there only could be a next time. Her nuclear fuel rods were intact and inertial stabilizers seemed as functional as they could get. She wished should have upgraded her mech, but that’s why they were in this race. Otherwise she would be off dong whatever normal 14 year olds do in the post apocalyptic world.

But she couldn’t give up. Her family needed her to win. Without the credits she would earn in this race, her older brother and parents would need to return to “the camp”.

Startup up Cindy-short for Cinderella since her mech was pulled from a factory fire and covered with cinders, she had to engage plan B. Before her crash she was in the top third of the field–enough to be noticed by a few sponsors. The crash, which came from some random lighting in the sky caused her to lose her navigational senses.

Plan B was kind of all or nothing. She would flood the nuclear reactor core causing a tremendous surge of energy. Not only was there risk of frying all the internal circuitry and herself, but the idea of a thermal nuclear meltdown . . .

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