BTW-our bathroom looks nothing like this . . .
I hate cleaning the bathroom. My wife typically does it and she does a great–no magnificent job. But the situation in our household changed. I was laid off work. While I was getting things in order, my wife went back to teach. With her being full time, I needed to balance out duties around the house such as cooking . . .  and cleaning.

Did I tell you I hate cleaning the bathroom? I enjoy cooking-so helping out there was not a big deal. But cleaning, the bathroom specifically, is something that I have always neglected. Not since my pre kids, college, high school days was I required to clean my bathroom. Even then I think my brother covered my tracks . . .

Why do I avoid it so much? Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs fame poses a similar question to the 3-5 million unfilled jobs in America. Is there a skills gap or a will gap? Mike contends it is more of a will gap. We just don’t want these “dirty jobs”.  Bathroom cleaning included.

How do I bridge this will gap? Great question. I don’t know . . . yet.

So here’s the throw down. I am proposing an experiment. Is there someway I can motivate myself to clean the bathroom? Is it possible to make it fun? Or perhaps there is some other motivation altogether. Author Seth Godin says that we must add “art” to our work. This will be a curious art experiment.

I told my wife that I am applying for the CCO (Chief Cleaning Officer) position but my resume lacks experience.  I want to figure out how I can motivate (enjoy?) cleaning the bathroom.  I have no idea what this experiment could uncover, but perhaps I’ll have a cleaner bathroom. A cleaner house would be a different experiment.

As with any of my insane experiments, I would love some feedback/comments for encouragement or tips I can use and share.

Is this how you use this brush?
Jason (Testing Sanity) Mah

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