When I show people the mower-I either get an quizzical look as if I am crazy, or a dumbstruck “of course that makes sense” look. The funny observation is that my biking friends think its a great idea and their wives all want to actually buy one and mow the lawn.

So-who is this really for? Let’s break this down into who it is for and who it is not for:

Who should buy one:

  • Someone who loves bikes
  • Want’s who wants a great workout while being productive
  • Does not want to fuss with gas powered contraptions 
  • Wants the ability to mow the lawn at night without fear of disturbing the neighbors
  • Wants to save money over the cost of gas powered contraptions
  • Wants to level up on their biking skills and power

Who should not buy one:

  • Wants an absolutely manicured lawn
  • Have grass higher than 6 inches
  • Has a non flowy non bike friendly lawn
  • Has a seriously rough or steep lawn
  • Has no gumption
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